[c-nsp] L2TPv3 pseudowire + BVI

Stefano Sasso stesasso at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 04:01:42 EDT 2013


  Is there a way or simple solution to terminate a bunch of "plain" L2TPv3
pseudowires to a BVI, to have a sort of VPLS? (VPLS/MPLS is not an option
in my setup).

My deal is to have a distributed L2 architecture (I have a protocol that
works only on L2), and it must traverse a non-ethernet IP based network.
(traffic is quite low - max 1 mbps)

It can easily done with a simple linux box, terminating l2tpv3 tunnels to a
bridge interface, but I would like to do that on a cisco device.

A very dirty solution can be to have a set of sub-interfaces (with
xconnect) and a cable to another interface on the same router, having
sub-interfaces terminated on a BVI.

Something like that:

GigaEthernet 0/0 is cabled to GigaEthernet 0/1

interface Giga 0/0.1301

  encap dot1q 1301

  xconnect 1301 pw-class pw1301

interface gig 0/0.1302

  encap dot1q 1302

  xconnect 1302 pw-class pw1302

interface gig 0/1.1301

  encap dot1q 1301

  bridge-group 1

interface gig 0/1.1302

  encap dot1q 1302

  bridge-group 1

bridge 1 protocol ieee

bridge 1 route ip

interface BVI 1

  ip address

Is there a simpler way to accomplish that?

thanks in advance,


Stefano Sasso

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