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>I have two routers connected to each other , I have configured a loopback interface on The second router and configured a static route to reach it , now when i shutdown the loopback interface the static route is still in the routing table , how can i remove that route automatically when i lose reachability to the loopback interface ? should i use IP sla ?                           

the static route is on router 1 and the loopback int is on router 2. If you shut down the loopback int on router 2 the static route cannot be removed because router 1 has no knowledge that the destination is down.

if you want the route to be removed, shut down the interface via which the next-hop for destination is reached.
also remember that if router 1 also has a default-route, then your static route to loopback has to include the interface via which router 1 reaches next-hop to destination. Otherwise router 1 will try to recursively resolve the next-hop via its default and the static route will not be removed.

no default on router 1:

ip route <dest> <mask> <next-hop>

if default present:

ip route <dest><mask><interface><next-hop>


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