[c-nsp] BGP export filter config help

Roger Ramjet rogerramjet.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 18:38:15 EDT 2013

We have a SP that doesn’t seem to be able to get their BGP export maps
correct to us and I am trying to assist them by writing the map that does
what I want and ten sending it to them, but I am not an IOSXR  expert.  The
good news is that I am sure there is someone here who can help me out.

What is needed is,  I need the SP to send me all of their local routes,
aggregated of course,  customer routes and customer attached routes across
our gigE peering connection.   They have 4 different AS’s internally from
acquisitions.  I do not want their transit routes (1299,3356,701) as I have
my own transit that I prefer and while they send me these free routes, they
have their own congestion issues that I don’t have with my transit.

Currently they are sending me about 80k routes and they are sending me all
routes that are /22 and greater which pushes most of the local routes to
transit as they don’t export to me because they are smaller than /22.

Given all this, when done, I should see about  16k routes from the SP, from
4 different AS’s internally  perhaps I will see them as  65555 65552
(hypothetical AS's) or I may see routes from 65555 and also from 65552 as
originating AS. I am expecting to see lots of /27,/28 routes, but that
takes care of their customers that are being exported into bgp from their
internal ospf.

Thanks in advance


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