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We run a BGP NG-MVPN for IPTV content delivery, with Juniper MX480 in the PE layer and Cisco CRS in the P layer. With RSVP-TE P2MP LSP running from the Sender PE ( which is connecting to the multicast upstream HE router ) to the Receiver PE routers ( with downstream GPON IPTV subscribers ).

We have BrixVision IPTV probes at the Sender PE router before the traffic enter our MPLS cloud and the same type of probes at Receiver PE routers.
So far there is no need for IPTV probes along the RSVP-TE P2MP LSP path. This will help to determine the traffic quality in the IP/MPLS core.

At the downstream we have STB probe aka Single Channel Probe from the same brand deployed at the customer's place if there is a picture quality complaint. This will help us to determine issue from receiver PE router through the GPON networks towards the customer home.

We had evaluated Ineoquest before, however we found Brixvision was more suitable to our environment.

In the early stage of deployment we kept our eye on the IAT and MLR on the probe almost everyday. The Brixvision has very detail real time zoomed-in analysis like TS Sync, PAT, CRC and etc per group.

Hope this help.

Amos Thong

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Hi all

Just a brainstorming and your possible help.

I manage a network where multicast is the most important traffic and
sometimes I get issue by customer where they state that some packets are lost...

Does anybody have an idea or can help me in understanding a possible
solution in monitoring traffic in real time manner, maybe with the use of some
software or appliance or whatelse.

In my idea I could monitor traffic on the source and on the destination,
then with  a sort of parsing understand
if it's my network loosing the packets or not...

Any idea ? suggestion ?

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