[c-nsp] Carrier Aggregation advice

Mattias Gyllenvarg mattias at gyllenvarg.se
Wed Jul 17 14:54:27 EDT 2013

If you don't need full Bgp me3600x has all the bells and whistles.

If you do need a full table then you will need to go with something from
the asr range.

The only issues I have with the me3600x is the depth of the machine, only 2
sfp+ ports and the ios is not completely mature yet. Though that may have
got a lot better in the past half year.

Best regards
Mattias Gyllenvarg
On Jul 17, 2013 3:55 PM, "Chris Gibbs" <Chris.Gibbs at gosford.nsw.gov.au>

> Gday all,
> I'm currently investigating terminating a NNI from NBN Co and aggregating
> services before dumping into our core. Consider it a green-field ISP build
> :) Really go wild!
> So would like the PE to support the following:
> *         Migrating parts of our current WAN from licensed microwave to
> NBN Co, will likely be around 60 initial sites/'customers'. Ability to
> scale to 1000+ sites/'customers'.
> *         Planning on CVC of 600Mbps initially for testing. Building with
> a NNI of 1 Gbps to suit, so need at least 1Gbps with SFP options. Prefer
> ability for 10Gbps with SFP+.
> *         10 port minimum.
> *         1 or 2 RU preferred.
> *         Dot1ad, q-in-q, double tagged. Pick your buzz word preference.
> *         Pop/Push ability for c/s tags.
> *         MPLS, bgp, OSPF, SP QoS, multicast etc.
> *         DHCP option 82.
> *         LACP
> *         Dual power. AC.
> *         All the mgmt. niceties. SNMP, SSH, traps, etc
> Having a Cisco background I have been looking at the Cisco ME 3800X-24FS.
> All off spec so far and haven't played with one in lab environments.
> Haven't had a chat to our cisco account team yep either.
> My background is only Cisco IOS, happy to learn new tricks though.
> Would appreciate thoughts on the selection and should I be considering
> alternatives?
> Cheers,
> Chris
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