[c-nsp] 7k EPLD version in I/O mods

Jeffrey G. Fitzwater jfitz at Princeton.EDU
Thu Jul 18 14:17:49 EDT 2013

We have a 7k chassis that has a SUP-1 and FAB-1 that will be upgraded with SUP-2 and FAB-2, but while I am testing in a spare chassis I don't want to prohibit the spare modules from being used in chassis with SUP-1 if the EPLD is incompatible.

Q1.	Is the EPLD version that I load into an I/O mod the same regardless of weather it was loaded with a SUP-1 or SUP-2?

Q2.  Is a higher rev EPLD compatible with lower NX-OS version?   The doc seems to imply its OK.

So if I update the EPLD of an I/O mod on my spare chassis that has a SUP-2, can I use that mod in a chassis that has a SUP-1 without changing the EPLD code.

I know when you download the EPLD from CISCO, you need to use the version for the specific SUP (1 or 2), but I believe that is only because there is EPLD on it for the SUP whereas the module EPLD is always the same regardless of SUP version.  I think..

I have all the docs on procedure, but they didn't mention this case.

Thanks for any info.

Jeff Fitzwater
OIT Network Systems
Princeton University

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