[c-nsp] ASA Policy locked under NAT section in CSM 3.3

Farooq Razzaque farooq_mcp at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 21 06:43:47 EDT 2013

Dear Friends

I m getting the following error in ASA in CSM whenever i m clicking on 
Address Pools,Translation Options & Translation Rules under NAT section.

This data for this policy is locked by activity/user: 

After couple of restart and performing steps in the following links (Locked 
Devices section) above error disappear but i m still having the following 

Whenever i m adding any entry in the following sections of NAT, that entry is 
not appearing in the particular section. I can add entries in other sections 
like Access rules, AAA rules etc

I think policy is still locking under NAT section.

Under NAT section in device view

Address Pools
Translation options
Translatoin Rules

CSM version is 3.3

When i m performing device discovery for the device (ASA), i m getting the 
following error.


Discovery was unable to proceed because of the following policies locked by 
another user or activity



To Identify why each policy is locked, select the policy in the "Device 
view". The user or activity locking the policy will appear in a banner. once the 
locs are freed, discovery can be perfromed. For more information  on locking, 
Please see the CS Manager Help.



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