[c-nsp] ASR9k IPv6 interface stats in 64bit

Robert Williams Robert at CustodianDC.com
Mon Jul 22 11:45:13 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I’ve been going round in circles with this so maybe someone help me out?

I need to poll (snmp) the 64bit interface accounting counters for IPv6.

The command-line for the statistics is "show int te0/X/X/X accounting" - which gives:

  Protocol              Pkts In         Chars In     Pkts Out        Chars Out
  IPV4_UNICAST        264138250     216935942716    473002486     282556028883
  IPV4_MULTICAST              7              470            0                0
  IPV6_UNICAST          2105785        453795463       407433         50191428
  IPV6_MULTICAST       29623383       2132883624            0                0
  ARP                   8025368        511574806        99487          4576402
  IPV6_ND              29885605       2688912178       292570         21065016

So far, I have found that 'some' of these seem to live under

However all counters under there are of the 32bit type, which is no good for the octets as these loop too quickly.

So I need to find the 64bit version of the counters at

This is under XR 4.3.1 - any pointers please?

Thanks in advance!

Robert Williams
Custodian Data Centre
Email: Robert at CustodianDC.com

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