[c-nsp] ASR9k IPv6 interface stats in 64bit

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnetgroup.gr
Mon Jul 22 18:07:01 EDT 2013

...which is indeed the case...

achatz$ snmpwalk -v2c -c xxx router3 .
ip. = Counter64: 40795287767
ip. = Counter64: 1638113009435

achatz$ snmpwalk -v2c -c xxx router3 ifdescr | grep "6[89]"
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.68 = Bundle-Ether1
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.69 = BVI700

achatz$ snmpwalk -v2c -c xxx router3 sysdescr
system.sysDescr.0 = Cisco IOS XR Software (Cisco ASR9K Series),  Version 4.2.3[Default]
Copyright (c) 2012 by Cisco Systems, Inc.


Tassos Chatzithomaoglou wrote on 23/7/2013 00:52:
> ...unless IPv6 needs first to be activated before making the snmpwalk.
> I'll probably need to do more tests.

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