[c-nsp] IOS - how do I use vlanTrunkPortSetSerialNo when changing allowed vlans on a trunk via SNMP?

BRIDGSTOCK, Jonathon Jonathon.BRIDGSTOCK at suncorp.com.au
Tue Jul 23 18:38:27 EDT 2013


I’ve been asked to automate a bunch of stuff, including the ability to trunk vlans through a network; I’ve been told I have to use SNMP for the IOS devices.

I’ve got working scripts which will pull the allowed vlans via the OID vlanTrunkPortVlansEnabled and do all the unpacking, bit changing and re-packing, but I have no idea when it comes to using the vlanTrunkPortSetSerialNo “spinner lock”.

Does anyone have any examples of how this would work?  I’ve done some searching, but I cannot find an example or good description of the steps required to use the TestandIncr syntax.




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