[c-nsp] Multi-Vendor CAPWAP AP Interop Using Cisco 5508 WLC

Darin Herteen synack at live.com
Thu Jul 25 13:19:13 EDT 2013

Greetings List,

I have been trying to hunt down some definitive answers regarding interoperability using non-cisco AP's running CAPWAP in conjunction with a Cisco WLC 5508 running

A TAC case I opened on this issue didn't really give me a definitive answer only to say that a non-cisco AP could only be used in Workgroup Bridge Mode which would not be desired or even applicable to our deployment. ( I have not reached out to our SE as of yet)

Upon further research I came across a statement from Aruba Networks in 2009 regarding their position on CAPWAP in which they state anybody claiming to be running CAPWAP are using proprietary extensions and do not adhere to RFC5415.

Can anybody tell me if this is still the current state of CAPWAP? 

Has anybody seen or had experience running a multi-vendor AP deployment using Cisco WLC's ?

Thanks in advance for any info you could pass my way.



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