[c-nsp] Passing Payload Transparently in a L2VPN

Sami Joseph sami.joseph at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 20:19:07 EDT 2013


I would like to put different types of payloads inside a L2VPN (whether p2p
or vpls) and confirm that the terminating router will not process the
payload (i.e: only pass it to the CE/customer). I am wondering how i can do
that? specially if i want to test legacy protocols (AppleTalk, IPX...etc)

Suppose i have a traffic generator and two ports are connected to my setup :


If the traffic generator supports creating packets, then how do i make sure
the router will take my crafted packet across and what kind of checks I can
do on the terminating PE to make sure it did not process the packet.


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