[c-nsp] VPLS ASR1k - ME3800 - no L2 tunnelling ?

Adam Vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Thu Oct 3 04:23:51 EDT 2013

Hi Waris,
So on ME3800 I read the l2pt tunnel is not supported on EFPs with
PW/xconnect configured on them, though IOS will let you enter the command
with no complains. 
So to work around this I should be using l2pt forward instead right? 

Is there actually a difference in function of these two commands please? 

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Hi Mostafa,
Can you help with ASR1K L2PT behavior? What is supported on ASR1K?

Hi Chris,
I am copying Mostafa (ASR 1K expert) to confirm the L2PT behavior on ASR1K.
Just a side note from ME perspective, I would recommend using L2PT forward
command rather than L2PT tunnel.

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On 21/08/2013 10:00, Chris Russell wrote:
On 21/08/2013 09:54, Adam Vitkovsky wrote:
And I assume no BPDUs are passed either.
Is it possible to issue cmd: "l2protocol peer" or all the l2protocol
commands are rejected altogether?
Just to see if the L2protocol status changes somehow.

  As a final thread closing to this one, with thanks to various people,
especially Adam, who responded -

  L2 tunnelling of control packets (BPDUs) is NOT supported on the ASR1K.



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