[c-nsp] MPBGP, CEF drops and upgrade from 12.4.4 to 12.4.24

Peter Rathlev peter at rathlev.dk
Wed Oct 9 03:45:27 EDT 2013

On Tue, 2013-10-08 at 16:04 -0600, Karl Putland wrote:
> Well... so it works in 12.4.4 but not 12.4.24 as configured.

It's a change alright but it seems semi-logical to me that the router
drops packets with an "Unresolved route" reason given what you
describe. :-)

> I had wanted to use the global instead of specifying an interface. I
> don't remember the train of thought for that right now as the config
> has been in place for over a year.

You should still be able to use the global. You just need to change the
next hops. For the "connected" destination:

ip route vrf VOIP global name TEST_7206_1oc
And the other can use this recursively:                      ^

ip route vrf VOIP global name dlab-irvine-1
Would that mess something else up?                           ^

> I also wanted to avoid putting any static routes in the Customer VRFs
> and instead use MPBGP to import the routes from vrf VOIP. So that I
> could maintain all of the routes to be shared in a single table.

Resource wise it's the same. Management wise your suggestion is probably
a little better but keep in mind that only exact prefixes can be
imported. So if you need to import a /32 prefix it needs to exist as
exactly /32 in the source VRF.

If your goal is the make things work on 12.4(4) < IOS < 15.2(4) then
that should be possible.


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