[c-nsp] IP SLB appears to fail on 7200/NPE-G2 running 15.2(4)M4

Stephen Fulton sf at lists.esoteric.ca
Thu Oct 10 06:09:02 EDT 2013

Hi all,

For a few reasons, I had to move an IP SLB configuration off a 
6500/Sup720 (where it worked fine) to a 7206/NPE-G2 running 15.2(4)M4 
Advanced IP Services.  There were no errors when adding the 
configuration, but sessions appeared to fail.  I did run a debug and 
captured connection attempts to the devices, but that data was lost 
after the maintenance when my laptop crashed.  (yes, save data 
regularly, my fault).

Anyway, if anyone has experience running SLB on a 7200, could you take a 
look at this config and let me know if I'm missing anything.. it's 
straight cut and paste from the working config on a 6500.


ip slb serverfarm MAIL
  nat server
  predictor leastconns
ip slb vserver MAIL-VSERVER
  virtual tcp smtp
  serverfarm MAIL
  idle 600


I was able to reach the individual hosts and on the correct ports, 
directly.  Through the SLB, no dice.


-- Stephen

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