[c-nsp] Online Insertion and Removal effect on Spanningtree ?

Peter Rathlev peter at rathlev.dk
Thu Oct 10 12:38:48 EDT 2013

On Wed, 2013-10-09 at 15:59 +0000, Jeffrey G. Fitzwater wrote:
> Does anyone know if OIR has any effect on Spanning Tree ?

Assuming some flavour of Catalyst 6500/7600. I never saw anything like
that. For us it mostly never causes even the slightest pause on devices
with only CEF720 cards.

If the device in which a module was OIR'ed was the STP root I would
still not expect a root re-election unless the bus stall was long enough
for the switch to actually reload.

A bus stall will stop certain things like non-DFC forwarded or generated
traffic in non-compact mode AFAIK. This means that a BPDU might have
been missed, but a single miss shouldn't trigger any such changes.

> We had to remove a mod that had nothing connected but did still have
> config, and we experienced many STP log messages relating to ROOT
> change from other connect switches.

What was the actual log messages?


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