[c-nsp] Nexus 5548 - ERROR: no free statistics counter for a region

Oswald, Thomas th.oswald at telekom.de
Tue Oct 22 06:13:44 EDT 2013


in a little environment I have two nexus 5548 with L3-Daughter-Card. They do l2 and l3-switching, ACL-filtering and other things. For operating reasons I need statistic counters for all of my ACLs and I think everybody on this mailing list can understand this. By now I configured 11 ACLs with over all 240 ACEs. That is really not much and as all I can see is that in the tcams are enough space for more. But now I want to configure a new ACL with just about 120 lines and the command "statistics per-entry" and when I try this the switches return the error-code "ERROR: no free statistics counter for a region". Is there a way to change the hardware resources to make it working? Or is there any other way to make it working? Any suggestions?

Thomas Oswald

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