[c-nsp] 10Gig CWDM

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Wed Oct 23 12:00:54 EDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

We are looking into upgrading some links actually on a cwdm run to 10Gig.
After looking into DWDM equipment I was told to check into  10Gig CWDM plugs offered in sfp+  xenpak x2   xfp etc
Such as the ones offered by smartoptics

As we would like to  add this to our existing 6500s does anyone have any experience using the x2/xenpaks in a cisco 6500 environment?
AFAIK cisco does not support  10G CWDM plug ins, at least I can't find anything stating that they do publically.

They are telling me it'll work but is "unsupported" , yet I would sleep better at night knowing that we are not beta testers



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