[c-nsp] Amix Peering

naresh reddy nareshbtech at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 08:03:25 EDT 2013

Hi All
my company has a multiple egress points for internet break out supplied via resellers
we are looking forward for an alternative and considering AMIX and LINX
 I would like to get a picture of how this works
As the pricing looks like
Port Prices Internet Peering VLAN (ISP Unicast) 

Port Monthly fee in Euro
(excluding SLA) Monthly fee in Euro
(including SLA)** 
≤GE NA - through reseller only NA - through reseller only 
GE 500 600 
10GE 1000 1250 
100GE 10x10-2km* 5000 5750 
100GE LR4 5000 5750 
* This is sometimes referred to as LR10-2km

so if we buy a 10 GE 1000 Euro per month 
will they charge us for the traffic that we pump and pull to internet on per MB basis ??
if so what would be the cost
Thank you

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