[c-nsp] ASA 5525x netflow and cisco 3750x netflow

Vinny_Abello at Dell.com Vinny_Abello at Dell.com
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I'm unsure if it's just your terminology you're using, but Netflow is something that the network device exports to a collector, not something that is pulled from the device. You should be able to verify the flow export statistics on either of those devices to verify they are sending netflow data. From there you'll have to track down what's happening to the traffic and if it's making it to your receiver. Using a packet capture utility on the destination would be my next step after verifying the devices are exporting netflow data. If you don't see the packets hitting the collector, then start working your way back to the ASA and 3750x.


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I am struggling to get netflow off this box to my prtg server.  I set everything up per cisco documents and I see that udp export packets are being sent from the ASA.  I never recieve those on my prtg server.  I have several other devices setup and working just fine ( a bunch of routers).  Is there anything special that I am missing on my setup of this?

I also have a 3750x switch stack with the 10g modules in it that I am unable to pull netflow from as well.  I read an article about flow monitor setup on these and that didn't work either.

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