[c-nsp] ISP / MPLS "POP" design

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Oct 30 22:06:27 EDT 2013

On Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11:35:59 PM CiscoNSP List 

> Thanks Mark.
> So to clarify - If I run 2 (7201's) as RR's, they would
> take the full tables from the IPTransit 7200's(POPA),
> plus all customer global IP's, plus all VPNv4
> routes(From POPA+B+C)?

That's right.

The 7201's CPU is very capable. It tops out at 2GB of RAM, 
and should be able to handle your current deployment just 

> If that's the case - Do you filter what routes the RR's
> advertise to RR clients?  i.e. POPA has the 2 7200's
> with IPTransit full table, do the RR's advertise the
> full table to the 7200's at POPB + C?

That's a design decision.

Some operators don't filter in iBGP, ensuring every router 
has, pretty much, the same view of the state of BGP in the 

Other operators, like myself, implement network-wide routing 
policy in iBGP, which is easiest done in the route 
reflectors, as that is how different routers performing 
different functions learn (which) routes (they should be 

If you're not sure what to do, go simple and evolve the 
configuration as your network does so.


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