[c-nsp] Cisco 3750-X Stack

Adam Baxter adam1984 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 19:24:25 EST 2014


Can you post a port configuration? I have done quite a bit of regression
testing of SE7 and have never seen this problem.

also what devices are you plugging in? laptop? Pc ? have you tried other
device types?


On 2 December 2014 at 02:17, Chris Gotstein <chris at uplogon.com> wrote:

> I setup and configured 3 3750-X switches in a stack for use in a video
> multicast environment.  This is a very basic config, using vlan's to
> separate traffic and IGMP v3 to control multicast.  Issue I'm running into
> is when a device is unplugged from a switch, then plugged back into either
> the same port or a different port on the same switch, the port will not
> come back up, Port status shows the port as down/down.  If you move the
> device to switch 2 in the stack, it will come up. We are running the latest
> version of IOS 150-2.SE7.
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