[c-nsp] N7K, SUP1, M1/M2/F2E, 6.2(10)

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Tue Dec 2 03:45:23 EST 2014

On (2014-11-21 14:53 -0500), Tim Durack wrote:


> (This is just one example of the many N7K/NX-OS bugs we have suffered over
> the years. From my perspective, Cisco is more focused on shoveling
> "features" rather than delivering bits. Too bad. Management says: Time to
> look for another platform, not Nexus based, and preferably not Cisco.)

Sorry not able to help you, not running N7K. Just rambling here.

I wonder why these HW/SW programming mismatches are so common in PFC devices.
I like 6500/7600, great bang for buck, but we still see at least bimonthly box
simply forwarding incorrectly, luckily box also delivers good debugging tools,
like ELAM.

For what problematic old fashioned architecture/design JunOS has, I've only
ever seen similar programming issues due to ISSU in JunOS.

I also don't see these issues in other Cisco kits, CRS1, ASR1k, ASR9k. I
wonder if CSCO has recognized the same, or are these issues just treated as
independent bugs rather than indication of some larger problem.
Or am I seeing pattern where none exists?


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