[c-nsp] Fractional DS3, dsu bandwidth statement and circuit interruption

Chuck Church chuckchurch at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 12:00:42 EST 2014

Keep in mind you can always copy a config script into running config, that
will allow you to remotely unconfigure an interface and configure it without
risk of your CLI session being broken and the re-config part not being
applied.  So schedule your reload, copy your (hopefully tested) script into
run.  If you can get into the device remotely still (and then verify your
config change worked), you can then cancel the reload.  Else wait 5 minutes
and try again.


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On Mon, Dec 08, 2014 at 07:26:18AM -0600, papaia wrote:
> Need to change the bandwidth statement in the DSU line item config 
> (up-ing the available bandwidth for a fractional DS3), for a router 
> placed remotely from my office. Lacking an off-band access to this 
> router, I am wondering if that change would trigger a circuit 
> connectivity drop, and if so, if there would be a recovery of such, on 
> its own, or if I would be better off with feet (and hands) on the ground,
to reload or even fix.

It will probably be disruptive, but IIRC, the subrate DS3s just used the
'dsu bandwidth' command? That gives you a chance to just type the command on
the remote, and then on the local and wait for it to sync up again.

One trick you can do, is to schedule a reload up for say 5 minutes, do your
config, see if it works, and then cancel the reload and 'write mem'.
Not quite as neat as "commit confirm" on JunOS, but still gives you a safty

Now, if you needed to mess around with subrate T1, you would definately need
onsite hands on, to unconfigure the t1 groups, and then reconfigure the t1
groups. But the DS3 was just the single command from what I remember.

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