[c-nsp] Unable to create BFD session on C6500

Murat Kaipov mkkaipov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 14:39:55 EST 2014

Hello Marco.
Keep in mind that ME3600/ME3800 platforms doesn't support BFD offload, and
all BFD packets processed by CPU.
Show configuration on both sides please.

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We run BFD on all of our devices and we're currently having some problems
between a pair of C6500/SUP720 and a ME3600X .

The network diagram is as follows:

               |           |
      +--------+  C6500_1  |
      |        |           |
      |        +----+-+----+
+----+----+        | |
|         |        | |
| ME3600X |        | |
|         |        | |
+----+----+        | |
      |        +----+-+----+
      |        |           |
      +--------+  C6500_2  |
               |           |

Both the C6500 run the following software: 
Both C6500 are SUP720-3B and there isn't any dCEF enabled card on them.

The OSPF sessions on C6500_1 is in FULL state:

C6500_1# show ip ospf neighbor | i 2/7    0   FULL/  -        00:00:32 GigabitEthernet2/7

and the relevant configuration is as follows:

interface gigabitEthernet 2/7
  ip ospf network point-to-point
  ip ospf 1 area 0
  bfd interval 300 min_rx 300 multiplier 3
  no bfd echo
router ospf 1
  bfd all-interfaces

Anyway IOS is not able to start a BFD session on that interface:

C6500_1# show ip ospf neighbor | i BFD C6500_1#

And returns an error when BFD debugging is on:

C6500_1#show debugging
   BFD event debugging is on for interface GigabitEthernet2/7
   BFD packet debugging is on for interface GigabitEthernet2/7 C6500_1#conf
t Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
C6500_1(config)#int gi2/7
C6500_1(config-if)#no bfd interval
C6500_1(config-if)#bfd interval 300 min_rx 300 multi 3 C6500_1(config-if)#
Dec  9 16:07:42.737: BFD-DEBUG EVENT: bfd_session_create failed, 6

At the same time there are running BFD sessions on other interfaces
configured with the very same statements:

For instance the following interface is connected to another ME3600X that is
running the same software version:

C6500_1#show bfd neighbors | i 2/6                       294/3          Up        Up        Gi2/6

Can anyone help?

Thank You
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