[c-nsp] Can Cisco be used for LAC features?

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 13:27:53 EST 2014

After a tea break I have seen that those AV pairs are having no affect.

Switching to the correct ones was a good idea ;)

#example.net Cleartext-Password := "cisco"
#    Service-Type = Outbound-User,
#    Cisco-AVPair = "vpdn:tunnel-type=l2tp",
#    Cisco-AVPair += "vpdn:tunnel-id=lns-provider1",
#    Cisco-AVPair += "vpdn:ip-address=",
#    Cisco-AVPair += "vpdn:source-ip=",
#    Cisco-AVPair += "vpdn:l2tp-tunnel-password=L2TPPassword"

example.net Cleartext-Password := "cisco"
    Service-Type = Outbound-User,
    Tunnel-Type = L2TP,
    Tunnel-Medium-Type = IP,
    Tunnel-Client-Auth-ID = lac-provider1,
    Tunnel-Server-Auth-ID = lns-provider1,
    Tunnel-Password = L2TPPassword,
    Tunnel-Server-Endpoint =

Everything works fine now between the LAC and LNS:)

Now I can work on RADIUS proxy capabilities.

Thanks to all for the off-list replied.


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