[c-nsp] Unable to create BFD session on C6500

Marco Marzetti marco at lamehost.it
Fri Dec 12 03:28:42 EST 2014

On 11/12/2014 21:28, Мурат Каипов wrote:
> Hello Marco.
> Can you provide what type of Line Cards you use and check your Cat6500
> for this restrictions:
>   * Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches support up to 100 BFD sessions
>     with a minimum hello interval of 50 ms and a multiplier of 3. The
>     multiplier specifies the minimum number of consecutive packets that
>     can be missed before a session is declared down.
>   * If SSO is enabled on a dual RP system, the following limitations apply:
>       o The maximum number of BFD sessions supported is 50.
>       o The minimum hello interval is 500 ms with a multiplier of 3 or
>         higher.
>       o If EIGRP is enabled, the maximum number of BFD sessions
>         supported is reduced to 30.
>       o Echo mode is supported on Distributed Forwarding Cards (DFCs) only.
>   * BFD SSO is supported on Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches using
>     the E-chassis and 67xx line cards only. Centralized Forwarding Cards
>     (CFCs) are not supported.
>   * To enable echo mode the system must be configured with the no ip
>     redirects command.
>   * During the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) cycle the line cards
>     are reset, causing a routing flap in the BFD session.


Gi2/7 is on a very old line card: WS-X6724-SFP

We're not running SSO on that box and the number of session is a lot 
less the 100.

Also note that C6500_1 is not able to create the BFD session on the 
interface Gi2/7 even if we disable the protocol on ME3600X.

ME3600X(config)#interface GigabitEthernet0/24
ME3600X(config-if)#no  bfd template bfd-core
ME3600X(config-if)#do sho bfd neig

IPv4 Sessions
NeighAddr                              LD/RD         RH/RS     State     Int                             8/199        Up        Up 

C6500_1(config-if)#no  bfd interval 300 min_rx 300 multiplier 3
C6500_1(config-if)# bfd interval 300 min_rx 300 multiplier 3
Dec 12 09:17:57.360: BFD-DEBUG EVENT: bfd_session_create failed, 6

So i guess that something went wrong on that box.

Do You have any ideas?

Thank You

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