[c-nsp] AS Download ipv6 Was: AS missing in Netflow data, ASR 9001

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Mon Dec 15 08:54:01 EST 2014

On 15/12/2014 13:29, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Hmmm strange - I do see v6 flows - although nfdump says their AS is 0 for all
> flows.  Exporting bgp attributes to the LC is enabled.

is there anything appearing in netflow with field type 128 or 129?  There
are two possible ASN fields for netflowv9: the older fields from the
original netflowv9 spec:

>            v9 element          v9 ID     Extension
>            NF9_SRC_AS             16             2
>            NF9_DST_AS             17             2

but also the newer IDs taken from ipfix:

>            NF9_BGP_ADJ_NEXT_AS   128            15
>            NF9_BGP_ADJ_PREV_AS   129            15

You may need to explicitly enable support for this in nfcapd using the "-T
all" or "-T 15" command-line parameter.


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