[c-nsp] Inline Fan Controllers?

chris tknchris at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 12:02:02 EST 2014


Has anyone on the list ever messed putting in a fan controller in a switch
so its inline between the motherboard and fan? I had one of these (
http://www.quietpc.com/images/products/gel-fan-controller.jpg ) laying
around and plugged into a spare 2950g and 3560g I have kicking around and
the fan powers up and the fan works like normal and turning the knob has no
effect. I thought it would be like a standard 3 wire computer fan and that
this would be easy way to lower rpm on a stock fan with replacing the fan.

This is only to minimize noise when labbing, we arent lookinng to do this
to any production equipment. Anyone ever tried anything like this and had
any success? I was hoping it would work because the controllers are only a
few dollars and it would be cheaper and more flexible as we could move the
controllers around from box to box as needed

If you have any experience with anything that worked, I would be interested
to hear about it


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