[c-nsp] newbie questions about jumbo packets

Scott Voll svoll.voip at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 10:09:32 EST 2014

I'm working on my Nexus 5k's. I need to adjust QoS for the first time.  I'm
following the white papers about input QoS, Network QoS, and Queuing QoS.
I currently have a very simple network QoS with MTU of 9216 to allow jumbo
frames on the pair of Nexus (storage).

But now that I'm adjusting QoS I will be classifying my traffic, rather
than just using the default.  What happens if I add jumbo frames to all my
network classifications and it's not enabled everywhere (other switches
connected(Ethernet))?  I Believe on networks where the MTU is smaller it
will just down size to the standard 1500.  Is that correct?



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