[c-nsp] TCN's - Causing brief outages on ASR1K

Marco Marzetti marco at lamehost.it
Thu Dec 18 16:09:44 EST 2014

On 18/12/2014 05:59, Blake Dunlap wrote:
> This seems like..."interesting" advice. At that point, you might as
> well just turn spanning-tree off. This is somewhere around cutting off
> your foot to stop your toe bleeding.
> That said: This seems like "design problem" not so much "gear
> problem". Why are you running spanning tree with devices you don't
> administratively control? And if you do control them, why the hell are
> you seeing TCNs so often if your network is stable?

That happens very often when you buy inter-pops links from your town's 
metro ethernet carrier.

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