[c-nsp] IOS-XR 5.1.2

brad dreisbach bradd at ntt.net
Mon Dec 22 11:24:22 EST 2014

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 03:56:00PM +0700, Henry Sarumpaet wrote:
>Hi all,
>would like to know anyone running 5.1.2 that notice this log :
>sysdb_mc[426]: SYSDB-CONN-COUNT 'sysdb_mc'
>over threshold (count 1500, nid 0x1), spawned debug script. Copy files 
>/sysdb_debug_conn_threshold_output_*.txt and create triage for SYSDB
>we notice logs occur after rancid run.  this one looks related with 
>CSCur74875 (sysdb_mc related)
>but unfortunatelly  SMU only availabe 5.1.3
>I've not asking TAC for this, as we still have opened other ticked 
>with them related RSP crash on 5.1.2 :(

you are not hitting CSCur74875. CSCur74875 is much worse.

i hit this while testing 5.1.2 as well, and was told:

The logging mechanism is newly added in 5.1.1.  The message itself is harmless
And it help sysdb to debug abuse usage of LWM (light weighted message) 
connections. It will start output the syslog when the LWM connections are more 
than 1200.

as well as this:

We are actually addressing this already and the threshold will be bumped up in 
release 5.2.0. The threshold in 5.2.0 will be at least doubled compared with 
that in 5.1.1.

>anyone have good experience with 5.1.3 ?

5.1.3 is the extended support release, and thats all i am willing to say
on that subject.

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