[c-nsp] ios-xr asr9k ipv6IfAdminStatus does return next instance if it does not exist

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 22 17:25:30 EST 2014

Hi Florian,

> I am little bit angry by the so obviously wrong answer.

"Interesting" to hear that asr9k TAC is just as bad as the rest of it.

There are (a few) good people in TAC, problem is they are just
passing through and move to something more satisfying within Cisco.

Everyone else - remains there, forever (and ever). And then there
is outsourced TAC (you know it when they say "will talk to an expert").

It seems like you need political lobbying for every single, even
most obvious bugs UNLESS you are extremely well networked within Cisco
to address your bugs directly (using a TAC case merely to track
administrative informations).

Enough with the TAC rant though, I would try to find a scenario
where this leads to a security problem and report your findings
to PSIRT, they are actually quite reasonable.

It may be better to not tell them about your TAC case, just the
actual security problem (so they can focus).

That said, PSIRT only bypasses TAC, but they have no leverage
to solicitate a bugfix from the BU. Hopefully snmp on asr9k is
handled by a BU within Cisco (outsourced BUs have no real interest
of fixing anything, but merely stalling the case until the product
is fully EOS'ed, CSCul77897-ish).



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