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Mon Dec 29 01:51:02 EST 2014

Had one of my techs install a pair of ME3600's in a remote DC...took his laptop, console cable etc etc.....ME pre-conf'd to connect to one of our other POPs(Interpop link provided by another carrier)...connection to other POP works(L3), but OSPF/MPLS/BGP does not, all due to MTU...Interfaces on ME are set to 9100, Carrier supplied circuit stated that it supports MTU of 9200, but highest I can get through is 3986....so ping is ok, but nothing else....problem 1. ACL on telnet/ssh only permits access from our management range (And as OSPF doesnt come up, ME cant reach our management range)..easy fix, console to ME and change MTU(likewise at other POP) and/or add the /31 for the p-t-p link to the "allowed" ACL for telnet/ssh access so I can do it remotely...problem 2. tech accidentally closed his car door on the console cable, breaking it!...so no console access to the ME.

Tech is heading back first thing tomorrow morning with 2 x tested+WORKING console cables+laptop...but does anyone have any other suggestions I could try prior to then to access the ME to change the MTU? 

Called carrier, but they are still on xmas embargo, so cant make "changes" until later in the week....
Cheers for any suggestions :) 		 	   		  

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