[c-nsp] Packet-level iSCSI debugging

Mike Hale eyeronic.design at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 20:41:26 EST 2014

Evening all!

We've having some ongoing weird iSCSI problems that we're trying to
track down.  Specifically, we're logging a huge amount of disconnects
in our ESX hosts that connect to our EMC Clariion storage arrays.  Our
VMs are still running well despite this, but the sheer number of
errors is getting somewhat alarming.

Our core is a pair of Nexus 5548s with a few 2200 Fabric Extenders
thrown in the mix.  We're using 10-gig TwinAx and -SR Fiber
connections.  iSCSI is on its own dedicated vlan and mapped using
standard access ports to each ESX host.

I'm not seeing any significant errors on the interfaces themselves,
and the utilization is well below 10gigs.  The CPU on the EMC isn't
high at all, but still, something's behaving strangely.

So my question is...are there any apps that will listen on my iSCSI
vlan and detect any weird network anomalies?  I'd like something iSCSI
specific.  Basically I'd like to make sure there aren't any strange
traffic floods, responses from multiple IPs, stupid RSTs, and so
forth.  Worst case I'll throw up a Wireshark box, span the traffic and
eyeball it, but automated tools are always much easier.

Any help or tips are much appreciated.

- Mike

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