[c-nsp] PIM and network redundancy

Robert Hass robhass at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 17:39:44 EST 2014

I have project where network looks like this:

IPTV source
|                      |
|                      |
7600_2            |
|                      |
|                      |
IPTV distribution switches (~20 VLANs)

I'm currently using PIM static joins on first 7600 next to the source and
classic PIM spare-mode (ip pim spare-mode) sessions between rest 7600 and
'pim passive' from 7600 to IPTV distribution switches. First 7600 is my RP.

My question is how I can provide redundancy in this network. I had issue,
when link between 7600_1 and 7600_2 was down, and traffic switched to link
7600_1--7600_3. IPv4 works without problem as OSPF use backup path.

But how deal with PIM and multicasts ? Intergrate MSDP or other protocol ?
Any recommendations ? I think about creating xconnect (L2VPN over MPLS)
from first 7600_1 to 7600_3 and put additional Cat6500 on the end as PIM


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