[c-nsp] Outdoor-hardened metro service platform?

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
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I have about (50) asr901's in my network running mainly cell backhaul.  They
are pretty stable.  I'm in south texas where it gets hot in the summer, and
rains periodically, etc....  about (25) of those 901's are in cabinets with
heat exchangers, so as I understand that, it's not AC but close... sort of
blows and circulates the air through the cabinet or something like that.

I have dual evc's (service instances with xconnect mpls pw's) for each
asr901 per cell tower.  So I think that's called port-based eompls.  I do
use a asr901 with mpls l3vpn vrf routing too and it is working sufficiently
like that too where I provide a vrf public ip enclave for a dslam.  So it's
got some options.  I have wanted vpls at times and I hear it's coming, we'll

Ask some Cisco folks about other hardened NID options.... I hear there is
another one coming.... and said to be touchless install hanging off an
ME3600/3800 platform as a virtual linecard , sort of like the nV remote
stuff like 9000v off a 9k.


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Dear all,

weirdly, the archives don't seem to handle this use case, thus I am starting
a new thread.

We are using a mix of C6500 and ME3600 to collect Metro services (plain
Internet upstream, BGP, OSPF, M/VPLS P and PE, QinQ, ideally service

As our network grows, we are increasingly faced with outdoor POPs being the
only viable choice.

That means
* condensing humidity
* wide temperature ranges
* short unit depths

Given the requirements above, what would be a decent hardware platform for
us? Both new and near-EoL equipment would be fine.

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