[c-nsp] Sup2T netflow problems

Chris Welti chris.welti at switch.ch
Wed Feb 5 10:32:53 EST 2014

Hi Phil,

Am 05/02/14 12:58, schrieb Phil Mayers:
> On 05/02/14 11:47, Peter Rathlev wrote:
>> We've started seeing some problems with our netflow collection and
>> export from Sup2T's running 15.1(1)SY AIS.
> That can't be. Sup2T has "operationally useful netflow". I read it
> somewhere...

I like the irony in that :)

>> The problems started when we suddenly didn't see any flows exported from
>> the device in question. Trying to show the flow cache from CLI just
>> makes that VTY hang (can't be cleared):
> This is interesting, because we've seen similar things on N7k M1
> linecards, which are also EARL8 based, and I believe share HAL code with
> Sup2T IOS, though obviously NX-OS is substantially different in other ways.
>> We're guessing a reload of the box would help (though the hanging VTY
>> lines may mean we have to cut power) but would like for this to not
>> happen again.
> FWIW the last time this happened to us on an N7k/M1, a reload fixed it
> and it did not recur.

Same for us, but occurred again after some months weeks/months and also
happening on different hardware.
Could always be tied to Netflow export being the culprit.

> (I'd be interested to know if your Netflow timestamps are wrong; that's
> another N7k bug we're fighting at the moment)

It seems Cisco has been able to fix netflow timestamps for the Sup2T so
maybe it'll come to N7K as well.
We were suffering from wrong time stamps on the DFC linecards and can confirm
it's working now as it should (we tested an EFT). That was CSCug73871, although
the description doesn't really match what we had seen.
Fixed in 15.1(2)SY1, upcoming in 15.0(1)SY6 sometime in Feb 2014 (CCO Date)
and 15.1(1)SY3 in Apr 2014 (CCO Date).

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