[c-nsp] association between TCAM usage and CPU load in L3 switch

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Feb 5 11:03:17 EST 2014

On Wednesday, February 05, 2014 05:47:03 PM Martin T wrote:

> According to "sh ip route summary", RAM usage for BGP was
> around 85MiB. What exactly is causing such high CPU
> usage? I should have run "sh processes cpu sorted 5min"
> during the high CPU usage, but forgot to do so.

This switch does not have enough FIB to support a full IPv4 
routing table.

So my guess is whatever isn't making it into the FIB is 
being programmed into software, hence the high CPU 
utilization for traffic associated with those routes.

There has been some work by the SPAG team at Cisco to 
support BGP-SD on the ME3600X. I'd suggest looking at that 
if you want to carry a full table in RAM (control plane). 
But you'd still need 0/0 and ::/0 to take care of the 
forwarding plane.

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