[c-nsp] Sup2T netflow problems

Chris Welti chris.welti at switch.ch
Wed Feb 5 12:05:39 EST 2014

Hi Henri,
> Hi Peter,
> I think you are encountering CSCui17732 which is present in 15.1.2-SY1 too.
> "Sup2T: show tech-support hangs VTY session on Netflow TCAM interrupt"
> In our Sup2Ts when that occurs they print syslog message
> %EARL_L3_ASIC-3-INTR_FATAL: EARL L3 ASIC 0: fatal interrupt NF_SE_CMD_ERR.
> After that Sup2Ts do export flows from traffic that hits control plane,
> but hardware
> export is broken.
> regards,

There is a pending fix (sort of) for this upcoming in April:

1. EARL_L3_ASIC-3-INTR_FATAL  EARL L3 ASIC 0: fatal interrupt NF_SE_CMD_ERR Error will still occur.
2. Netflow export will NOT stop after seeing above error.
3. Netflow related command will NOT hang.

According to Cisco this fix will be available in 15.1(1)SY3 which is planned in April 2014.

We have been testing this in an EFT since November and indeed netflow export
did not stop after the EARL_L3_ASIC-3-INTR_FATAL showed up.
However, in our case the linecard crashed due to NF export about 1 month later,
but at least netflow export started working again after it came back up.

Before, sometimes netflow export stopped and also didn't recover even after line
card crashes/reboots. It needed a full chassis reboot to be resolved.

Number 3 on the list I can not really confirm, as we are still seeing
very long response times for some sh netflow commands, but this is
another issue in itself and is not related to the EARL_L3_ASIC-3-INTR_FATAL.


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