[c-nsp] Sup2T 15.1(SY1) inline packet traffic crash

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Feb 5 23:14:35 EST 2014

On Thursday, February 06, 2014 04:06:39 AM Dobbins, Roland 

> Hopefully, this has been reported to PSIRT?

It would be interesting to know whether the switches were 
running NSR for some or all protocols, to get a feeling for 
whether the failure cascading from one RP to the other was 
partially due to that.

I can't find definitive information on the current state of 
state replication technology with Cisco, but I know that 
with Juniper on current code on the MX, state is not 
replicated between RE's, but rather, the main RE proxies 
protocol state machines to the backup RE and only when the 
backup RE is "ESTABLISHED" (again, by proxy via the main RE) 
does the main RE also establish with its neighbor. So state 
isn't simply replicated, to avoid bug related cascades.

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