[c-nsp] Sup2T 15.1(SY1) inline packet traffic crash

Charles Spurgeon c.spurgeon at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 6 16:21:23 EST 2014

On Thu, Feb 06, 2014 at 11:32:25AM +0000, Phil Mayers wrote:
> On 05/02/14 20:23, Charles Spurgeon wrote:
> >FYI. We recently encountered an inline packet crash bug that took out
> Can you clarify what "inline packet crash bug" means? It's not a term 
> I'm familiar with.

You're right, the usage is unclear.  As far as we can tell, packet
traffic through the router triggered the crash. This does not appear
to have been caused by punt packets to the CPU. However, we have no
details. All that we know for sure is that both routers crashed at the
same time.

> However: I would be cautious about saying much more in a public forum. 
> If this really is a 1-packet crash of a sup2T, you should go to PSIRT 
> with a high priority.

We don't have any detailed info on the packet contents or quantity. 

I agree that the vendor should take action to protect their customers
from this kind of exposure.


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