[c-nsp] understanding BFD "echo mode"

Dimitris Befas dimitris.befas at gmail.com
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Hi Martin,

Exactly. Both modes (control & echo) are used when using the echo mode. The
hardware handled echo packets are not eligible to remote cpu fluctuations
because of the fact that we use the actual remote forwarding router
mechanism. So you have more reliable and fast failure detection with echo
Farther, because with echo mode you actually use control (or asycnhronous)
mode also, you may configure the slow timer to slow down the probable
reaction of the control bfd packets and the cpu load that these packets

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some Cisco routers support BFD in "echo mode". Am I correct that BFD "echo
packets" are send besides BFD "control messages" once "echo mode" is enabled
and Cisco routers are able to handle former in hardware while BFD "control
messages" are punted?

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