[c-nsp] Transparent WAN Encryption

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Wed Feb 19 17:51:50 EST 2014

On Sun, 2 Feb 2014, Jeff Orr wrote:

> If you are using a private MPLS (I.e. Not over Internet) & have Cisco
> CE routers consider GETVPN.
> For the reasons you mentioned, we as a customer went this direction.
> We needed to ensure our WAN (150 sites/multiple data centers)traveling
> across a variety of links/providers including DS1/DS3/Metro-e is
> secure.
> It has really scaled & worked well. GETVPN is VRF aware & can function
> on the PE side as well.

What sort of performance impact (reduced throughput, increased 
latency, higher CPU utilization, etc) have you seen with GETVPN?


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