[c-nsp] LLQ not utilizing reserved bandwidth & packet drops in Nested policy-map (2 level hierarchial policymap)

Arun Kumar narain.arun at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 09:27:23 EST 2014


I think this issue is quite old but I could not get any conclusive

Below is the configuration:

C2800-R6-CPE1#sh policy-map parent-out

  Policy Map parent-out

    Class class-default

      Average Rate Traffic Shaping

      cir 128000 (bps)

      service-policy child-out1

C2800-R6-CPE1#sh policy-map child-out1

  Policy Map child-out1

    Class EF

      priority 50 (%) 16000

    Class DATA1

      bandwidth 20 (%)

    Class DATA2

      bandwidth 10 (%)

    Class DATA3

      bandwidth 10 (%)


In the above configuration, parent policy has 128Kbps and Child has 4
Classes with Class EF is LLQ with priority of 50% bandwidth (burst size is
default 1600bytes), class DATA1 with 20%, class DATA2 with 10% and class
DATA3 with 10%.

With the above configuration, I could not able to push beyond 16Kbps of
traffic on class EF (LLQ). When the burst size is increased to 16000 bytes,
I am able to push around 60Kbps.

Wanted to understand this is the expected behavior of LLQ in Nested policy
map or I am missing something.

thanks in advance

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