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I would agree with Gert.  We actually replaced some legacy equipment with 3925E routers, which left me having to support a single DS3 and an ATM OC3.  Since then I have replaced these legacy circuits with a 200mbit Ethernet, and a 300mbit Ethernet link with no monthly cost change.  Each carrier was happy to upgrade the circuit with no contract changes or installation charges.

Ethernet connectivity is being pushed by the majority of the carriers I have been working with and many of them will even have discussions about providing redundant pathing into our facility going back to separate CO's.  In the case of Level3, they actually just included this free of charge which beats the heck out of a single pathed DS3.


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On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 11:18:40AM +0300, Alex Nyagah wrote:
> I have Cisco 3900 series routers and i want to get  E3 and DS3 lines 
> from a local provider. Which SPA cards are compatible with the 3900 
> routers. I have ordered
> SPA-XT3/E3 but from the various sources am not sure it is compatible 
> with the router.
> I will appreciate team advice..

There's good material on www.cisco.com about modules for cisco 3900 series...


What you need is "NM-" modules.

In any way, I'd avise against going for E3/DS3 - of all line types we had, those are the worst to troubleshoot, and also having the most weird issues (like "the signal from the telco to our PA-2T3 being too hot and requiring 6dB attenuation").

*Also* the interfaces are just ridiculously expensive.

I'd go for 100Mbit ethernet (not sub-rate) if possible - in many cases this is actually cheaper, as carriers who have seen the light are actually trying to get rid of E3/T3 interfaces as well.

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