[c-nsp] 7200VXR to ASR upgrade

Eric A Louie elouie at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 18:44:59 EST 2014

The reseller I'm working with says "It's less expensive to order the bundled" ASR1002-X and that the AES and AIS are the same price so it doesn't matter which Advanced you order.

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>Hi guys,
>I really appreciate everyone's input, including the clarification that there
>is no ASR platform per se, only ASR1k, ASR9k, etc.
>Assuming the customer goes with the ASR1002-X, which still seems to me to be
>the best forward-looking option for this particular customer's needs, in
>order to get an Advanced IP Services license (which I assume is the minimum
>to run BGP/OSPF), would they just need to add P/N SLASR1-AIS into their
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>On 18/02/2014 22:40, Adam Greene wrote:
>>>From what I'm seeing, the ASR1002-X looks to be the simplest and most
>> versatile / scalable option for them right out of the gate. Based on 
>> their need for BGP/OSPF, I would say they need an Advanced IP Services
>> Does that sound right? 
>What you'll find is that if you get yourself an asr1002x, the cost for a
>functional number of GE interfaces, enough ESP capacity and the correct
>licensing incantations is about ~2/3 the cost of an asr9001 with 20x1GE and
>The ASR1001 is interesting as a 2x step up from the C7200.  The ASR1002X is
>good if you need LNS functionality, vpn stuff or slightly offbeat packet
>mangling. If you just need raw throughput, mpls or expect to grow, the
>asr9001 is a better bet.
>Honestly though, if your customer is upgrading from 100 meg to 1GE, they
>won't need more than an asr1001 and could easily get away with a C7200 with
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