[c-nsp] me3600 copp

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Thu Feb 27 10:40:51 EST 2014

On 27/02/2014 14:13, Jason Lixfeld wrote:
> Does CoPP actuaally work now?

I don't know yet.  Separate to this, the copp documentation doesn't make it
clear how copp interacts with the cpu queues.

> We've been bitten by the RPQ issue many times.  ARP and routing
> protocols should now be split across two different CPU queues as of
> 15.5(3)S2.

yeah, i've seen this happen in production.  Not pretty.

> In the mean time, you can use this to allocate more resources to that
> queue to prevent the routing protocols from going away during an ARP
> storm:
> test platform qos policer modify cpu 1 5000000 100000

which is not exactly reboot persistent, nor does it solve the problem.

The documentation is very confusing.  The 15.3 documentation says:

> •The ACLs used for classification are QoS ACLs. The supported QoS ACLs are IP standard, extended, and named.
> •Only IP ACLs are supported in hardware. 
> •MAC-based matching is done in software only. 

But the 15.4 documentation says:

> •STP is the only supported protocol for control-place policy-maps.
> Note IP ACL is not supported.
> •MAC-based matching is done in software only. 



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