[c-nsp] Upgrading to 40G

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Fri Feb 28 03:06:16 EST 2014

> We just started planning to upgrade our 10G (and nx10G) links to 40G
> (on ASR9k). Quick scan through Cisco website revealed that there are
> no 40km optics available from Cisco. That threw a big spanner into the
> works as we have a bunch of links definitely over LR budgets.
> So the question is - how do you do 40G in metro areas? Deploy some
> sort of amplifiers? Go through DWDM or OTN devices?

Why 40? Do 100G coherent instead, you can build the whole optical
system out of splitters as we did in Croatia..

Ask for line_cards with optics that conforms to this spec...

http://www.stupi.se/Standards/100G-long-haul4.pdf and you can mix and
match vendors...


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