[c-nsp] IOS-XR and PBR

Lee Starnes lee.t.starnes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 00:45:35 EDT 2014


I am looking to setup some policy based routing on an IOS-XR router. From
what I understand, XR does not have PBR, but ABF. When looking at how ABF
works, I don’t see how to set a next hop route (only next hop per TCP
port). My question then would be, how does one accomplish this on XR? What
I need to do is allow a particular IP block to only have access to one of
our backbone carriers and not the others. We have their /24 only announced
out the one carrier, but for outbound traffic, I want to make sure their
traffic remains on that carrier but also have access to our local routes
(all our local customers and local networks). Is this something that can be
done with ABF or is this something that has to be done with VRF or VRF
lite? If VRF/lite, does anyone have an example config that might be able to
be shared as a starting point? We are running XR 4.3.0.

Thank you for your time.


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